Other Work

This is where I keep drafts of papers that I’m happy to put out for public consumption, but which aren’t necessarily complete and ready for publication, amongst other things. It’s important to remember that these are generally drafts, and that they aren’t fully polished. That being said, comments and constructive criticism are welcomed. I’m now putting most things up on academia.edu, so do check out what I’ve got on there, as there might be additional stuff not present here.

Transcendental Realism Workshop

Essay on Transcendental Realism (PDF)

Metaphysics and the Question of Being (PDF, PPT Slides)

The Greatest Mistake: A Case for the Failure of Hegel’s Idealism (PDFPPT Slides)

Ariadne’s Thread: Temporality, Modality, and Individuation in Deleuze’s Metaphysics (PDF)

The Parting of the Ways: Political Agency Between Rational Subjectivity and Phenomenal Selfhood (PDF)

Is there a TV in my head?: Content, Functional Mapping, and the Myth of the Given (PDF)


Here are a bunch of essays I wrote for my MA in Continental Philosophy at Warwick, including my dissertation. They are all rather imperfect, and I’ve changed my mind on a number of things since I wrote them, but there’s still plenty worthwhile here, some of which may eventually be turned into actual publications.

Essay on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit – ‘In What Sense is Consciousness its own Criterion?’ (PDF, PDF biblio)

Essay on Hegel’s Science of Logic – ‘The Role of the Form/Content Distinction in Hegel’s Science of Logic‘ (PDF, PDF biblio)

Essay on Levinas’ ‘Meaning and Sense’ – ‘Ethics and Sense’ (PDF, PDF biblio)

Joint Essay on Foucault’s ethics and Kant’s teleology – ‘Foucault’s Technologies of the Self: A Kantian Project?’ (PDF, PDF biblio)

Dissertation on Deleuze’s metaphysics – ‘Time and Nonsense’ (PDF, PDF biblio)

Here is a fragment of an essay on Kant and Lyotard and the musical sublime that I wrote as an undergraduate, the complete version of which has been unfortunately lost. There’s still some decent explication of their respective positions in here though.

‘Can Lyotard’s Characterisation of the Time of the Sublime Experience Allow for a Musical Sublime?’ (PDF)

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