This is where I keep essays and drafts of essays and similar material that I’m happy to put out for public consumption, but which aren’t necessarily complete and/or published, amongst other things. It’s important to remember that even those which are more of less complete aren’t necessarily fully polished. That being said, comments and constructive criticism are welcomed.


Transcendental Realism Workshop

Essay on Transcendental Realism (PDF)

Philosophy of Mind

The Parting of the Ways: Political Agency Between Rational Subjectivity and Phenomenal Selfhood (PDF)

Is there a TV in my head?: Content, Functional Mapping, and the Myth of the Given (PDF)

Philosophy of Art

Art and Value (PDF)

Castalian Games (Incomplete Extended Draft) (PDF)


The Greatest Mistake: A Case for the Failure of Hegel’s Idealism (PDFPPT Slides)

Ariadne’s Thread: Temporality, Modality, and Individuation in Deleuze’s Metaphysics (PDF)

Metaphysics and the Question of Being (PDFPPT Slides)


Not So Humble Pie (PDF)