This page is here to catalogue a few blog posts I’ve written in response to others that are popular but difficult to locate on the site. They’re listed in chronological order, and usually contain links to the blog posts they’re responses to, plus links to one another. The standard disclaimer about shifting opinions applies.

Mark Fisher

Comments on Capitalist Realism (Part 1)

Graham Harman

Against Experience

Phenomenology, Discourse and their Objects

Once More with Content

Scientific Vs. Metaphysical Realism?

A Quick Response to Graham Harman

Reductionism and Materialism

The Perils of Representation

Hijacking Correlationism

A Brief Sellarsian Retort

Levi Bryant

Applied Critique: Existence, Pseudo-Existence and OOO

The Plane of Immanence

Explanatory Networks and Political Reason

Normativity, Causation, and Explanation Revisited

What is Idealism Anyway?

Dissecting Norms

Ideology and Subjectivity

Response to Levi (part 1)

Response to Levi (part 2)

Response to Levi (part 3)

Stranger than Fiction

What are Concepts?

John McDowell

Perception: Objects and Contents (Lecture 1)

How Perception Yields Knowledge (Lecture 2)

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