Selected Posts

The following posts below provide a good introduction to Phase 2. Here you can see me articulating the wide scope of my philosophical project and the diverse but overlapping concerns with computation, neuroscience, ethics, politics, economics, and culture that increasingly drive it.

Transcendental Blues (and More)

On Neorationalism

The Owl of Minerva Tweets at Dusk

The Going Price of Power

Immanentizing the Eschaton

Here are some smaller posts on specific topics that provide useful background for the thoughts expressed in those above.

Computation and Neuroscience

Wolfendale’s Troll

Information and Freedom

Information and Energy

Mysterianism and Quietism in the Philosophy of Mind

Turing and Hegel

Varieties of Rule-Following

Politics and Ethics

Sincerity vs. Honesty

Zero-Sum Politics and Moral Logic

Moral Logic, the Diversity of Nature, and the Nature of Diversity

Incompetence, Malice, and Evil

The Politicisation Pipeline

Economics and Culture

So, Accelerationism, what’s all that about?

Cognitive Economics and the Functional Theory of Stress

A Short Comment on the Social Pathologies of Art

Philosophy and Theory

Corrupting the Youth

From Cyberpunk to Infopunk