Figure/Ground Interview

This is a short post to announce that I’ve been interviewed by Laureano Ralon for Figure/Ground.  The questions I was asked cover a really wide range of topics and have forced me to revisit a number of things I haven’t talked about in a while. However, I’m not known for brevity, and so some of my answers are rather in depth. I hope people enjoy reading it!


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Appropriate descriptors: (neo)rationalist, left-accelerationist, socratic wanderer, heretical Platonist, computational Kantian, minimalist-Hegelian, heterodox Foucauldian, dialectical insurgent, conceptual mercenary, philosopher of fortune.

2 thoughts on “Figure/Ground Interview”

  1. Excellent interview. I resonate with your prefatory lamentation over the blog world’s descent into zombie apocalypse. I remember when you originally launched your Essay on Transcendental Realism. In late June 2010 Levi Bryant wrote a post about it in which he was trying to grasp your scheme; in response you wrote a clarifying blog post called “The World and the Real.” Later that week I wrote a post on Ktismatics about your post, called “Propositional versus Experiential Realism,” and it generated 80 comments. List of discussants in order of appearance: Duncan Law, Carl Dyke, you, Reid Kane Kotlas, Nicole Pepperell.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I too remember when comment threads were sites of interesting discussion and debate. I’m endeavouring to post more here, though I have yet to write up anything solely for the blog yet. Still settling into Johannesburg. I would like to engage in more online discussion outside of the facebook panopticon 🙂

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