Inhuman Symposium

I recently gave a talk at the Inhuman Symposium at the Fridericianum in Kassel, titled ‘The Reformatting of Homo Sapiens‘. The video of the event has just been released, so I’m sharing it here for those who are interested. The paper itself is slightly truncated, and really needs a further section discussing desire, and outlining a positive conception of agency, selfhood, and value on that basis. However, such are the perils of time limits.

Here is my talk:

And here is the panel discussion, in which I have quite a lively back and forth with Rosi Braidotti:

I highly recommend watching the other talks, which are also available here.

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Appropriate descriptors: (neo)rationalist, left-accelerationist, socratic wanderer, heretical Platonist, computational Kantian, minimalist-Hegelian, heterodox Foucauldian, dialectical insurgent, conceptual mercenary, philosopher of fortune.

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  1. I was dumbfounded that Braidotti thought that Laruelles work authorizes ‘alternative ontologies’ and that she associated this to what Deleuze was up to. She needs to go back and reread “What is Philosophy?” She seems to think that there being multiple planes of immanence associated with the self referential accrual of conceptual components is somehow an assertion of the possibility of alternative ontologies, but they make it quite clear that these seperate planes of immanence associated with the machinic autoconstruction of concepts themselves interact and are spawned within the plane of consistency as such.

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