Some Translations

This is a short post to point people at some translations of my work done by some really fantastic people. I am in awe of people who take the time and effort to translate philosophy into other languages, as I have some understanding of how necessary and how thankless a task it is, but I am doubly in awe of anyone who translates my work to make it accessible to another audience. I am embarrassingly monolingual, and am grateful for any opportunity to engage with non-English speaking audiences.

Anyway, here are the relevant pieces:

1) My ‘Ariadne’s Thread’ paper on Deleuze’s metaphysics, translated into Spanish by Leonardo Bahamondes (here)

2) My ‘So, Accelerationism, what’s all that about?’ post from tumblr responding to Malcom Harris’ review of the #Accelerate reader, also translated into Spanish, this time by Giancarlo Sandoval (here)

3) The first part of the 5th Chapter of my PhD thesis on Heidegger, translated into Serbian by Milan Markovic (here)

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Appropriate descriptors: (neo)rationalist, left-accelerationist, socratic wanderer, heretical Platonist, computational Kantian, minimalist-Hegelian, heterodox Foucauldian, dialectical insurgent, conceptual mercenary, philosopher of fortune.

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