Flat Ontology

Just pointing in the direction of Levi’s blog, and his recent discussion of flat ontology and signs. I’ve chipped in a little bit on the comments to try and clear up some of my confusion over what he means by flat ontology, so I thought I’d link it here (http://larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/flat-ontology-and-signs/) rather than re-writing out some of my thoughts.

Will have something else up soon, part way through writing it but keep getting distracted.

Deontologistics Online

All set up and ready to go. The question is now just what to write about. The main purpose of this blog is to store down something in between half-formed thoughts and actual essays. At the moment its a toss up between writing up some thoughts about Brandom’s inferentialism and writing a run through of the first meditation of Being and Event as I understand it. Will be back when I’ve figured out which.